As a company we have a partnership with a business associate for Obagates. The smart in- and outdoor Obagates are equipped with a humidified or high-pressure disinfectant and are able to sterilize hands, body, clothing and luggage. 

Keep your indoor environment corona-free as much as possible for guests and staff, with our outdoor smart gates. COVID-19 has reshaped our community, economically and socially. The #StayhomeStaysafe campaign was launched to reduce the spread. Our global tourism and Events industry has dropped and there is no long-term perspective at this moment.

By innovation and thinking differently, we strive to protect citizens in the public space by sterilizing bacteria and potential viruses guests are bringing in, continuously checking guests and temperature at entrances. 

The halal humidified disinfectant liquid, which we supply especially for the gates, is ISO certified and accredited.

Obagates can be personalized with your company logo and colors. It can also be expanded with a measurement for the bodytemperature.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015
Certificate ISO 22716:2007

If you are interested please contact us for further information.